Visconti Watermark Rollerball

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One of Visconti's greatest areas of expertise is the filigree cut-out technique (called skeleton) that it first launched with the Uffizi LE pen back in 1993.

The cut-out technique has been developed over the years since then.

Pens like the Ripple were masterpieces for all collectors of fine writing instruments.

Visconti Skeleton pens have always been synonymous of research both in design and technologic materials: from Titanium to Gold, from Carbon fiber to Diamonds and precious stones as well as Sterling Silver or Alutech.


Creating a new pattern is a job that can take to designers many weeks of work.

This time their choice fell on a new design echoing the Visconti logo in the shape of a paper filigree.

This led to the birth of the Watermark Demo a combination of different sized logos.

The filigree is cut out of a solid tube of Silver or Gold and requires over twenty manual operations before it is complete.

But the pen is certainly beautiful enough to justify such a meticulous job.

Watermark as certification of originality and distinction.

The Visconti has been redesigned and adapted around a body of crystal clear resin that reveals the sophisticated double reservoir filling system.

Body and Cap are wrapped from an overlay filigree with innovative geometries and perfect mixture of full and empty spaces which transmit prospective sensations, always different depending from the vision slope.




The result is a perfect writing instrument that combine its unique design to its distinctive scratch.

Launched in 2016 this Visconti creation won the award as the Best Pen Design 2016 both from the prestigious juries from Le Stylographe in Paris (city of the real Haute Couture and Luxury) and Arabian Watches and Jewelry in Dubai.

The pen features the Visconti double reservoir filling system and the iconic 23kt Palladium nib.

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