Visconti Van Gogh Fountain Pen

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After phasing out the original Visconti Van Gogh pens, it was decided that the gap needed to be filled. Visconti was inspired by Van Gogh's work and the multitude of colours, textures and styles that he used to create his masterpieces. The entire range of Visconti Van Gogh pens is a hymn to colour; Visconti worked very hard to find the right formulas to ensure that the images would be represented faithfully. The paintings that are represented in the range are Sunflowers, Starry Night, The Iris, Pollard Willows and his self-portraits. Never before has a pen been designed from a specific canvas--a very difficult task considering the diversity of the objects and techniques that are used on each of the paintings. Therefore a painstaking, meticulous choice of colour formulations, models and chromatic yield has been required to transform these images into pens. The pen itself utilises Visconti's 18-faceted design, the many edges enhancing the vivid colours of the pen. The fountain pens, rollerballs, ballpoints and pencils have become paintings of their own; Visconti has engraved them with the name of Van Gogh and they also come packed in a gift box embellished with the faithfully reproduced canvas. Visconti says: 'The extraordinary result has made us proud of having made such a tribute to the great artist, and joins Visconti and Van Gogh among the Impressionists.'

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